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Understanding Insurance

At Birchcorp we offer the following Insurance choices:

•    Life Insurance 
•    Income Protection
•    Critical Illness Insurance (Trauma)
•    Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD)
•    Business Expense Insurance



Life insurance secures your financial future in the event of a terminal illness being diagnosed, or your beneficiary’s in the event of death.  It insures you for a particular amount, which is serviced as a lump sum and can be used for the future needs of your family. This is very important where there is a mortgage in place, children to support, or simply to offer peace of mind for loved ones that will be left behind. Remember, Life Insurance may support a lost income, pay for existing debt, children’s school fees, or just to pay for extra expenses such as child support, cleaning and day to day living.


Income Protection insurance provides a monthly replacement income that is usually up to 75% of your annual income (this can include superannuation contributions and other benefits), designed to pay a regular income in the event that an accident or illness prevents you from working.  The ability to work for most people is the most valuable long-term asset they will possess.

There are different waiting periods and benefit periods available, so it is important that you talk to us here at Birchcorp to ensure you have the right policy.

Another often forgotten but important part of income protection is the ability to provide you superannuation payments. Income Protection Insurance should ensure your retirement lifestyle is not affected by a loss of income due to sickness or an accident that places you out of work.  


Critical Illness insurance cover pays a lump sum in the event that you are diagnosed with a serious illness.  It gives you the necessary time to recover without the financial burden. This type of cover has been designed for people who are surviving previously life-threatening illnesses (cancer, heart attack and stroke) were left financially disadvantaged due to lifestyle changes or time away from work.   ‘Serious illnesses’ may differ between different insurance providers and policies, and it important to understand the events in which you will be covered when looking for the best policy in your situation.


A Critical Illness policy can be linked to a Term Insurance with the amount of a Critical Illness claim reducing the Term life cover by the same amount. 


Critical Illness insurance is generally not available in Industry Funds.


TPD insurance provides you with a lump sum payment if you become totally and permanently disabled and it is more than likely that you will never return to work in either your own, or any occupation.  It can help in paying to cover medical or rehabilitation expenses, along with home alterations and replacement of income.


What is Own or Any Occupation?


  • Any Occupation:

             This form of coverage applies when you are away from work due to injury or illness and are incapacitated to the extent that you will never work in ANY income earning occupation suited to your education, training and experience.

  • Own Occupation:

             This form of coverage applies when you are away from work due to injury or illness and are incapacitated to the extent that you are unlikely to engage in your OWN occupation.


Please Note:

If TPD is offered as a benefit by a superannuation fund, the occupation generally refers to 'any' occupation.  Superannuation trustees will require satisfactory evidence that the member will never be able to work again in'any' occupation suited to the education, experience or training.



Business expense insurance provides a monthly payment to persons who wish to cover their approved business expenses should they be unable to work because of illness or injury. This is particularly important for key persons.

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Birchcorp can show you how you may purchase your Insurance with no out of pocket expense.

Unlike other Financial Planning firms, Birchcorp is happy to show you how and why you can decrease your Insurance coverage... Read More

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