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The purchasing of real estate requires the services of various legal bodies and institutions. This can be a daunting task. For this reason Birchcorp has introduced a home purchase service. The home purchase service is a consultation that answers all your queries and guides you through the pitfalls of a home purchase (personal or investment). We hold your hand from initial contact through to settlement. 


We have noted several considerations when purchasing property:


  • In what capacity are you purchasing the property (Title names)? 
  • How the title name relates to estate planning, land tax, negative gearing and capital gains tax. 
  • What are conveyancing costs (fixed and disbursements)? 
  • What are bank fees? 
  • What is Stamp Duty and Lender's Mortgage Insurance?  
  • Loan products: Variable, fixed, split, line of credit or 100% offset 
  • Tax implications of these products. 
  • Loan types: P&I or I/O (cashflow analysis)  
  • Loan pre-approval  
  • Do you meet the lender's requirements? 
  • What are the bank requirements? What documentation is required? 
  • Guarantors and deposit bonds. 
  • Survey reports, building and pest inspections, strata rules and searches. 
  • Cooling off, and gazumping. 
  • First home buyer grant and other grants available (Freebies!)
  • Should I use all my deposit? 
  • Do you have a property research checklist (140 points to consider)?
  • Am I paying above the market price? 
  • Checklist to ensure your utilities, financial and legal institutions have your new details? 
  • Relevant websites and phone numbers? 
  • For investment properties: What is negative gearing? 
  • Should I positively gear? 
  • What is a depreciation schedule? 
  • Interest in advance? 
  • What is tax deductible? Special building write off? Capital v Repair? 
  • What is your long term view? Should I repay the mortgage quickly? 
  • What is capitalising interest? 
  • Should I salary sacrifice as a wealth creation strategy? 


This service suits all consumer levels, from first home buyer to the sophisticated investor.   


To meet with a Birchcorp consultant to discusss the above items or answer any of your Personal Financial questions please: Enquire Here


What do I bring to my first Meeting?


All lenders have varying requirements, please consult a Birchcorp representative in relation to the documentation required for a new or refinanced home loan. As a general guideline, the following items may be collected prior to the first interview:


  1. Your Driver's Licence and latest Rates notice (or utilities bill).
  2. The last three months of home loan statements (posted statements only- internet statements may make up the balance).These have to be within the last four weeks.
  3. The last three months of any debt statements that will be re-financed or consolidated. These have to be within the last four weeks.
  4. Provide evidence of your 5% deposit (if applicable) i.e. three months of savings statements.
  5. Your last two pay-slips. Within the last four weeks. They must show three months Year to Date or an ATO notice of Assessment is required. Alternatively, last two years of tax returns and financials if you are self employed.
  6. FHOG if applicable.
  7. Rental statements (6 months) or recent Rental Agreement.
  8. A copy of the signed Contract of Sale (if applicable).


This is a guideline only and you should consult a Birchcorp representative to have an accurate assessment. These requirements may vary between lenders.

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