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This is so very true! Let's use a running example.


A superannuation fund has a balance of $150,000 (you can combine the super funds of up to four people to achieve this). This fund is a SMSF that acquires a property for $400,000 by borrowing from any major bank. The fund now has over $450,000 in assets. This includes approximately $50,000 in cash as your original balance of $150,000 was not entirely used for the deposit of the property. IMPORTANTLY ... Your SMSF has now been given the opportunity to make a 8-10% compound return on $450,000 vs the original $150,000. Your super fund now has the real opportunity of returning a great retirement income. Now to prove the statement in the title ... An SMSF that purchases a property for $400,000 and has cash of $50,000 is not charged on a percentage basis of the funds under management. Your SMSF is billed a fixed price of $3500 regardless of the assets. Now compare this with a typical Retail fund that is common with most Australians that has $450,000 in assets. The cost in this event is $13,500 (this is up to 3% as it is charged on a percentage basis for funds under management). Leveraging does carry risks and so a well thought out plan from your Financial Planner is advised. As you can see, the numbers speak for themself - running and buying property with your SMSF will not only provide the opportunity to make more money for your retirement. In relative terms, by comparison, the fees and charges are far less than a typical Superannuation fund.





This is correct! The expensive management of a SMSF myth must be exposed. I will explain this with a running example with Joe Average. Joe Average is 38 years of age and has a superannuation balance that has been built up over twenty years with a balance of $80,000. Joe Average has a wife that also has been working and has a balance of $70,000. The total balance is $150,000. The annual cost for these monies is usually in excess of 3% for the total balance of the fund in a retail fund. This is due to the platform fee, the issuer fee, the administration fee, the MER (management fees are approximately 2%), the advice fee and other smaller charges depending on the institution. You have to read the PDS carefully to notice all these fees. A Birchcorp representative is happy show you the costs of your superannuation fees by reading through your existing superannuation fund's PDS free of charge. 


The costs of Administration for a family are:


$150,000 x 3% = $4500 You must remember that for every dollar that is contributed for the next 22 years before retirement, your charges increase. 


i.e. A fund that has $400,000 has fees that may be in excess of $12,000. 

Purchase Property in your SMSF

SMSF and property investments: Although many property spruikers stand before you and sell the concept that everyone must buy a property in your SMSF. Birchcorp is here to say that there is much time and effort required for an investor to decide to embark on this complicated arrangement. Although Birchcorp is happy to say the process is as easy as 1,2,3... it is not a process that should be taken lightly. We are professionals and have processed these SMSF establishments and ongoing services many times. A complacent trustee can easily come into serious trouble with the govern... Read More


Birchcorp can show you how you may purchase your Insurance with no out of pocket expense.

Unlike other Financial Planning firms, Birchcorp is happy to show you how and why you can decrease your Insurance coverage... Read More

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