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The ideas noted below are considerations that may be discussed on your consultation with Birchcorp.


  • Should I invest in the Stock Market (Securities in Australia and internationally), Real Estate (residential and commercial), Fixed Interest, Managed Funds, Money Market, or Superannuation? 
  • At what point in my life should I change the above investments to a different asset class? 
  • Should I rent or buy a house? 
  • What is negative and positive gearing, depreciation, and other deductions related to my investments? 
  • What is the most appropriate loan structure/s for further property investments or wealth creation? What are the pitfalls? Should I be paying off this loan? 
  • What are the procedures for a home purchase? 
  • How can I make a guaranteed 10% return in the stock market with a potential gain of 25% (investing in blue chips)? 
  • What is capitalising interest? 
  • What are the various investment classes and are they suitable for my needs and age? 
  • What are income tax and capital gains tax implications of my investments? 
  • What is Tax deductible debt v Non-tax deductible debt? 
  • How can I improve my free cashflow? 
  • Are you legally conducting a business without realising? 
  • How can salary sacrificing increase my wealth? 
  • How can you create wealth from your superannuation via SMSF and leveraging into property?   
  • What are the consequences of negligible estate planning? 
  • Will a large portion of my assets be inherited by the family in-law or like, and how can I avoid this to keep assets in my / our immediate family? 
  • What are margin loans and how do they work?   
  • What are dividends and are there any income tax consequences? 
  • What are the pitfalls and benefits of particular business structures? 
  • What are the potential risks associated with the various investment classes? How can I minimise risk? 
  • Do I require income return or capital return? 
  • What types of insurances are available if my business partner passes away, I can no longer work, or tenants destroy my rental property? 
  • At what age can I retire? 
  • How do I budget ? 
  • Saving Money- Why can this be so wrong? 



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What to Bring to your next Interview?


We have provided a list of items you may wish to bring to your consultation with a Birchcorp representative. This may enhance the outcome of your meeting with Birchcorp Financial Planners.

Please note, this list is a guide and is not limited to:


  • Home loan documents (Loan Products and Balances),
  • Insurance Policies (TPD, Income, Life, Trauma, Business etc),
  • Superannuation Statements,
  • Wills,
  • Family Tax Benefits and other social security income,
  • Rental statements and Depreciation schedules (For investment properties),
  • SMSF Deeds,
  • Trust Deeds,
  • Partnership Agreements and other Business Structures,
  • Savings and Cash Management Accounts,
  • Pension or Annuity income streams,
  • Past Tax Returns,
  • Managed Funds and Securities (share registrations),
  • Fixed interest (bonds, promissory notes etc),
  • Credit Card statements,
  • Personal loans, Car loans, Hire purchase, and Leases,
  • Salary Sacrifice Arrangements,
  • and Payslips.


Do not hesitate to bring other documents or statements requiring an explanation for your own interest.



WARNING: Investment and Tax Expenses: In addition to forgetting to deduct tax-preparation fees, many people forget that your legal and accounting or financial planner fees, that relate to tax planning, are tax deductible. Effectively reducing these fees by 31.5%-46.5%.

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Birchcorp can show you how you may purchase your Insurance with no out of pocket expense.

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