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FINANCIAL PLANNING CONSULTATION (Financial Health Check) : General Advice


Financial planning is tailored to individual requirements. Various degrees of financial advice are required according to individual circumstances, business structures and / or financial complexities. A Financial planning consultation is for clients who require limited (General) financial advice.


What this service provides: This is a general advice service that is tailored to your interests. A Birchcorp representative will discuss many topics related to finances that are related to (but not restricted to) the following:


  • Superannuation funds- Choices, Statements, Asset Classes, SMSF, Contributions, and Fees. 
  • Mortgages- Offset accounts, Investment options, Available products, Fees and charges, Mortgage Documents. 
  • Managed Funds. 
  • Property- Residential, Commercial, Listed trusts, Negative Gearing, Conveyancing, Costs and Tax Deductions. 
  • Income Tax- Brackets, Group Certificates, Tax Statements, Tax offsets and Rebates. 
  • Estate Planning- Will, Probate, Testamentary Trusts and Tax Consequences. 
  • Retirement Planning- Income Streams, Government Benefits, Pensions and Life Expectancy. 
  • Insurance- Life, Income, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma, House, Tenant, Business and many more. 
  • Cash Flow Management. 
  • Career Planning. 
  • Debt Management. 
  • Shares- How to Trade, Trading Platforms, Dividends, and Fundamentals. 
  • Derivatives- Options, Futures, Warrants and Guidelines to Trading. 
  • Fixed Interest and Cash Investments. 
  • Budgeting and Saving.
  • Business structures- Companies, Partnerships, Trusts, and Sole Traders. 


To meet with a Birchcorp consultant to discusss the above items or answer any of your Personal Financial questions please: Enquire Here



What will you walk away with after your consultation?


1. Superannuation comparison (Fees and performance - This can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars as the fees are compounded dollars over many years).


2. Overview and interpretation of your existing policies and investments. 


3. Career planning consultation.


4. Guidance to investment properties. (Including but not limited to purchasing residential, commercial, via your super, suburb research, and strategies). 


5. Life Insurance and Income Protection assessment.


6. Guidance on how to receive income protection and life insurance with no out of pocket expense ( If you are using after tax dollars for this bill, you are paying an extra 30-40%).


7. Wealth creation techniques and strategies. 


8. Multiple Calculators to assess your financial position.


9. Home loan assessment to ensure: a low interest rate, low fees, appropriate facilities such as a line of credit, offset accounts, interest only, and capitalisation of interest at a minimum.


10. Any financial questions you may have are answered.  

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