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A SMSF has become mainstream as Birchcorp removes the complex, time consuming and demanding SELF-MANAGED out of the phrase Self Managed Super Fund. Birchcorp will provide back office support that is required for all Australians to run their own Superannuation fund. Birchcorp does this by offering a monthly service fee that will cater for any ongoing compliance, advice, investment strategy and regulatory changes. If the SIS act is modified and your SMSF trust deed requires amendments Birchcorp will communicate to let you know and make the appropriate amendments. Items that Birchcorp services will assist in regards to an SMSF include, but are not restricted to the following:



1. A yearly investment strategy- A yearly investment strategy that will be both current, relevant and within the laws of the SIS act- Without this your fund may be deemed non-compliant and be disallowed the relaxed tax rates for superannuation entities if audited by the ATO. We have noted most Investment strategies are not present or are not to a suitable standard.


2. A yearly discussion with the accountant by Birchcorp Financial Planners after receiving your supporting documents. This is relevant if we are completing your accounting and auditing. In most cases this is mandatory for our SMSF clients.


3. A yearly meeting with a Birchcorp representative to ensure you have utilised your fund to the best of its ability and to incorporate reserves, investment strategy, pension documents, and nomination of beneficiaries (updated regularly to ensure it you are within the SIS regulations) etc.


4. Ongoing advice, i.e. to help with investment decisions when buying shares, property, fixed interest, derivatives, cash, exotic investments, and all other superannuation investments. Email and phone contact.


5. To maintain your complying fund status. To keep up with SIS act, ASIC and ATO changes. As they change Birchcorp will incorporate / interpret the laws into strategy. i.e the ATO released SMSFR 2011/D1 - this is the new rules around property renovations and development. We will help implement the relevant strategies that may be utilised based on any new changes to laws or regulations.


6. Administration fees when you make alterations or changes. This also includes establishment of items such as research into investment platforms such as vanguard, CommSec, e-trade or other low cost providers.


7. Yearly reserving documents to improve the superannuation fund balance. Generally $6000 per client to set this up.  As a financial client of Birchcorp, you have this available service at no cost (current offer).


8. Yearly pension documents for free (appropriate after 55 years of age). Generally $320 p.a. We have noted most pension documents are not present or are not to a suitable standard. This would place your fund at risk of becoming non-compliant and lose the relaxed tax status that a superannuation entity may be entitled under compliant circumstances.


9. Back office support, we have direct contact to a leading auditor and SMSF accountant. Any advice around your accounting and we absorb the fee.


10. Adjustments to loan documents and strategy (internal and external loans) when you purchase a property (loan repayment advice with regard to ATO regulations), 5% in house asset rule and subsequent loan document preparation.


11. Co-contribution advice, as is applicable.


12. Access to the new website for clients only (released this year). This will have education and many calculators to help with the superannuation loans etc.


13. Access to our Financial Wealth Calculator via our advisers.


14. Newsletter (free of charge to existing clients) starting mid-year with the launch of the website, to keep you up to date with the latest.


15.   The lowest cost personal insurances (Life, Trauma, TPD and Income Protection), monitored and in most cases paid by your Super fund to improve your cash-flow to enjoy a better standard of living.


16. Birchcorp Advisers are a minimal cost to pay a third party to over-see your financial affairs should you or other members of your family pass away. i.e. On your passing, we are able to ensure your lifetime goals or expectations are passed on to surviving members or further generations as discussed in our meetings.


17. Advice if property becomes an item on the agenda, particularly as an investment for the members of your SMSF. Birchcorp is an SMSF specialist that has appropriate structures and contacts to put this and the borrowing arrangements in place. We also have many professional contacts to help expedite the property purchase process


18. Discussions around both the over-weight equities or other asset classes in your portfolio and subsequent discussions on pension and accumulation placements for individual stocks is important. This may go further, to rollbacks for pension to accumulation or any other strategy that becomes relevant to both your age profile and personal financial situation.


The service fee is paid quarterly via direct debit. Please discuss with our advisers for costing.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussions on any of the above points.


To determine if a SMSF meets your needs and requirements please Enquire Here to have a Birchcorp consultant contact you.




In today's age we can all run an SMSF. SMSF's are run all over the country by people from all walks of life. Birchcorp can hold your hand through the complete process and will help with the management of the SMSF. You may invest in shares, managed funds, term deposits, or investment properties etc. Birchcorp may also organise a bank loan if your SMSF requires money to buy a property. The complete cost to run your own SMSF is lower than your average super fund fees (refer to the article on 'save yourself big dollars in fees by running a SMSF' - Education - Do The Math). Birchcorp will provide you with the ongoing advice to run your SMSF all for a price that is lower than a typical retail fund. Your task would be to find a property, or guide Birchcorp in the investment options that interest you. We can help with all other compliance and regulations.



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