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About Us-New Generation


Birchcorp was established by the owner, Leigh Birch, in 2008 after a decade of research, development and planning. Birchcorp has been developed for the purpose of providing wealth creation and retirement strategies for all Australians with no bias on incomes. Birchcorp is an open, transparent, and honest organisation that prides itself on educating you to ensure you have the best possible outcome. The owner of Birchcorp retired from teaching in 2006. The retirement was based on having generated enough assets to service the income needs going forward. The owner of Birchcorp started with nil dollars and accrued the wealth on a modest teaching income that at most was $72,000 p.a. with a mean income of $49,000. This welcomes the idea that wealth can be created on a modest income if you are provided with the right tools and education.


As a general rule, the owner of Birchcorp found that the most important aspects of wealth creation was time and planning. The correct advice in the first instance is vital.  A major issue is that the role of wealth creation is spread amongst many professions, such as: Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Solicitors and Accountants.  It is considered time consuming and expensive. Although all professionals are prepared to give advice, it is often based on the limited or restricted knowledge of the rest of your personal financial circumstances. The Finance industry was not truly prepared to put up the hand and assume complete responsibility for creating your wealth at an affordable price for all people without income bias. This has created the opportunity for Birchcorp to establish itself as a wholistic Financial Planning practice. Birchcorp saw that financial advice was geared towards high net wealth clients, and the advice was limited or restricted to retail superannuation funds, managed funds and insurance products with associated expensive commissions that went to the Financial Planner. Birchcorp has distinguished itself from other Financial Planning groups as the new generation. We will deliver the highest standards possible with your financial well being as the premise of all plans.


Birchcorp has taken a different approach to most of the Financial Planning industry.  As evidence to this fact, Birchcorp was the first Financial Planner to approach First State Super (the lowest superannuation firm in Australia by fees – not to be confused with Colonial First State).  Birchcorp saw this as a real concern. A Financial Planner's role is to save money for their clients, or essentially increase their retirement funds. Yet, First State Super (FSS) was never approached by any of the tens of thousands of Financial Planners in Australia. Birchcorp found this rather disturbing given FSS was also well performed. We can only hypothesis, the major reason Financial Planners were not approaching FSS was that FSS has a nil commission policy for Financial Planners. This is not to say that FSS is the absolute answer for everyone, again, it is disturbing FSS has not been considered.


Since inception Birchcorp has been concerned by the poor Financial Plans that we see on a daily basis from the industry. The over- regulated position of the government has allowed Financial Planners to write rather complex plans that both confuse and complicate client's financial position. This has allowed many Financial Planners the ability to write poor advice that does very little for the wealth of the client and a lot for the wealth of the Financial Planner. Birchcorp’s position is to provide a welcome change to product pushing Planners of the past. Our client’s wealth will always be the main focus. Our guarantee, Birchcorp will change the face of Financial Planning. Birchcorp will read any Statement of Advice provided by any Financial Planner for Free. We will take this time to ensure other Financial Planners begin to write valuable advice. Birchcorp will lead the way in valuable advice that is a welcome relief to what has been a tarnished industry. Birchcorp is the "New Generation" in Financial Planning.



In The Community


We are actively involved the the community- refer to the following tabs: Sport, Charity and Education.


Birchcorp's initiative aims to indentify, encourage, and reward clients in our community. Please keep us informed of your community achievements, goals or dreams so we may publicly recognise and in some cases financially support you on your chosen path.


We invite you to share your stories with us: Your Story

Property in your SMSF - Beware

SMSF and property investments: This is NOT for everyone. Although many property spruikers stand before you and sell the concept that everyone must buy a property in your SMSF. Birchcorp is here to say that there is much time and effort required for an investor to decide to embark on this complicated arrangement. Although Birchcorp is happy to say the process is as easy as 1,2,3... it is not a process that should be taken lightly. We are professionals and have processed these SMSF establishments and ongoing services many times. A complacent trustee can easily com... Read More


Birchcorp can show you how you may purchase your Insurance with no out of pocket expense.

Unlike other Financial Planning firms, Birchcorp is happy to show you how and why you can decrease your Insurance coverage... Read More

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