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Buy property with Super

You may have heard all the hype about buying property with your superannuation fund?


Birchcorp are SMSF specialist. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Here are some simple ideas…please make an appointment with our SMSF specialist to tailor a solution that is suitable for you.


1.    Combine your current super with up to four other people to improve your deposit. Please note all contributions and current balances are allocated to your individual member balance.

2.     Buy your office premises or commercial building and have your business lease it from your SMSF.

3.     Buy your retirement home and on retirement, you have secured a house at today’s prices.

4.     Buy property and renovate to increase both the rental yield and capital gain.

5.     Buy property overseas.

6.     Simply start an investment property portfolio.

7.     Acquire the ability to pass wealth from generation to generation.

8.     If your current commercial premises are owned by your business change the ownership to your SMSF utilising the current stamp duty exemption.

9.     Take control of your super – Invest directly in any asset class (direct shares, property, cash).

10.   Potentially magnify your retirement savings utilising gearing (borrowing). Beware that gearing may magnify losses.

11.   Buy positive or negative geared property.

12.   The big one!! Pay your property off in 10-11 years. This is not only because of the immediate positive gearing, but also the 9.5-12% off the employer contributions.

13.   Enjoy the benefits of living whilst improving your retirement.  

14.   The profits are capital gains tax free in retirement phase.

15.   If gains are made prior to retirement the tax rate is also lower than what is available to you if you purchased this in your individual name.

16.   If you would like to increase the monies in your super fund to purchase the second and subsequent properties, you may salary sacrifice into super i.e. the new way to negative gear to buy property.


Birchcorp would like to introduce a low cost entry into the SMSF market for those interested in buying property with super. This does not mean every person is equally suitable for an SMSF. But for those that are taking this path, we have provided a clear option to help you stay compliant and within the regulations set down by the governing bodies. We challenge any financial Planning business across Australia to provide a better service from start to finish when starting an SMSF. Birchcorp has coined the catch phrase, as easy as 1, 2, 3….when discussing the establishment and ongoing requirements of a SMSF. We stress, this comment is only applicable when working closely with our team. Our dedicated staff will be relentless in fighting for your best interests in terms of your retirement income. We will also take into consideration your complete personal financial position to ensure an SMSF is appropriate for you. Please refer to Property in your SMSF - Beware to ensure this is suitable for you.



Birchcorp not only has the facilities to not  establish this in a professional manner, but are happy to hold your hand through the process in its entirety. Including guidance with conveyancing and subsequent mortgage regardless of the bank you select or your conveyancer.

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