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Life is constantly changing, it is important your home loan fits in with your life as it is now.

There are many valid reasons to refinance a home loan.

Please call Birchcorp on 02 8814 6265 to discuss your financial options.

House, Landlord, Car Insurance, Life, Income Protection or any insurances...

Birchcorp has now added general insurances along with personal insurances. This compliments our services to make life easier for you. Please contact our office on 02 8814 6265 for assistance. 

Deposit Accounts

Deposit Accounts: Birchcorp can now organise Deposit/ Business accounts for Individuals, Companies, Trusts, Partnerships and Self Managed Super Funds.

These include the following: Term Deposits, Business Accounts, Savings Accounts, First Home Savings Account, Transaction accounts and Self Managed Super Fund Accounts. For your convenience, Birchcorp can certify your identification, constitution, Trust Deeds and any other supporting documentation required to open your term deposits, and other deposit products here in our office.

Importantly, as we are a third party provider of various deposit products we are happy to show you various alternatives to improve your banking and reduce costly fees and charges.

Low Income Super Contribution

The Low Income Super Contribution is a new government super payment for low-income earners.

A new government super payment, called the low income super contribution (LISC), started on 1 July 2012. It will help eligible low-income earners save for their retirement.

LISC is for people who earn $37,000 or less per year (adjusted taxable income). People who are eligible for LISC will get a government super payment that is 15% of their concessional super contributions - up to a maximum of $500.
Your members in your SMSF don't need to apply for a LISC the tax office will work out their eligibility using information on their income tax return or, if they don't lodge a tax return, using other information they collect.
SMSF members will receive electronic LISC payments. Payments will be made within 14 months from the end of the financial year in which the concessional contributions were made. The first payments will be in the 2013-14 financial year.
Once you receive a LISC for your SMSF member it will need to allocated it to their account and we will advise them in their account statement after the tax return is complete.
Please note : The existing super co-contribution program also aims to boost the super of low- to middle-income earners. The super co-contribution continues in the 2012-13 financial year albeit with a matching rate of 50% and a lower base level ($31,920 reducing by 3.333 cents for each dollar above) than the LISC.


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OVER 50 and paying off your Mortgage?



Contrary to popular belief, this may be a poor financial discision ... your money may be better served elsewhere at a return of 38-45% without any risk! Ask Birchcorp how this can be achieved?


Pension Documents, Investment Strategy and Reserving Documents for FREE!



Yes, that is correct. Our clients receive an annual investment strategy, pension documents and reserving strategy documents for free as a part of being associated with Birchcorp.


Estate Planning

This is a critical element of Financial Planning. What is left to your loved ones may be substantially improved through advanced reserving strategies and segregation via an SMSF. Ask Birchcorp how this may be achieved.


Further, have you considered a Will, Power of Attorney, and a Testamentary Trust? What benefits do each of these documents provide?


Company Dividends may be a SMSF's Best Friend

Income producing investments inside your SMSF provide substantial benefits to a low tax environment of an SMSF. If the shares come with 100% franking credits, there may be a substantial tax refund to your SMSF.

FREE SMSF Documents

Our clients receive an annual investment strategy, pension documents and reserving strategies for FREE as a part of being associated with Birchcorp.

Functional Client Login

The client login will allow the clients of Birchcorp to download and print articles that are of interest.

Deposit Bonds

Deposit Bonds can now be ordered in-house for the convenience of Birchcorp clients. This means a fast turn around for property purchases.

SMSF Specialist



When receiving advice about SMSF's, make sure you are dealing with a company that has an SMSF specialist adviser status. This is a status that can only be recognised by formal education/ training.


Purchase Property in your SMSF

SMSF and property investments: Although many property spruikers stand before you and sell the concept that everyone must buy a property in your SMSF. Birchcorp is here to say that there is much time and effort required for an investor to decide to embark on this complicated arrangement. Although Birchcorp is happy to say the process is as easy as 1,2,3... it is not a process that should be taken lightly. We are professionals and have processed these SMSF establishments and ongoing services many times. A complacent trustee can easily come into serious trouble with the govern... Read More


Birchcorp can show you how you may purchase your Insurance with no out of pocket expense.

Unlike other Financial Planning firms, Birchcorp is happy to show you how and why you can decrease your Insurance coverage... Read More

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